Sandball, aka Beach Handball

Sandball is how we lovingly refer to Beach Handball. It’s a fast past, small sided game that rewards showboating. Yes showboating. If a player scores a goal deemed by the referee as extravagant the team gets two goals as opposed to one. Same result if the goalkeeper scores. Here’s a quick intro…


On the field of play, teams consist of three outfield players and a goalkeeper. However squads are usually around 8/9 players. Substitutions are regular and often on a roll-on-roll-off off basis. When a team has possession the goalkeeper becomes an outfield player, when the attack ends goalkeepers quickly substitute so not to leave the goal unattended for the opposition attack.

Scoring system

There are no draws in Sandball, even at the end of each half. If the first half finishes in a draw a penalty shootout decides who wins the half, that team is awarded a point. Same format for the second half. If it ends 2-0, as you’d expect the team who got two points wins. If it ends 1-1 a penalty shootout decides the overall winner.

The field

The playing area is 27m x 12m with a 6m line that players can’t step into. Similar to the 6m ‘D’ semi-circle in regular Handball.

3 steps

Players are allowed 3 steps in possession of the ball before passing, shooting, or bouncing (won’t get you far on the beach).

Thats the basic format of the game, other rules can be picked up by playing – some join in!