Reading 24 – 21 Newquay

With Reading new to the league this season, no-one from Newquay really knew what they would be coming up against as they travelled the Reading. As it turned out, it was a game some will remember more than others with the passion for Handball along with team spirit shown by the Newquay Club players, standing well above the final score.

Newquay quickly found there flow allowing for plays to pay of with Tristan MF proving to be especially effective in his shooting (5 goals, a match best), while Jurgan K and Adolf B also kept the score board moving in the right direction.

Reading proved to be effective in defending close to goal leaving Paul B and Kevin W with little opportunity to score themselves, but both proved ever effective in creating space for others. Equally Reader were fast making is hard for winger Hauke M and Ben P to get many fast break chances, but both took them when they could.

Newquay’s defence proved solid and strong, led by Tristan MF with Reading being limited in the chances, and Paul B working well out of position on left-wing sfGoalkeeper Geoff M every ready when called upon.

This all meant that Newquay were never behind until the last quarter (at this point three goals up) when a couple of poor decisions in attack and a break-down of a fast-break allowed Reading to pull level with three easy goals.

With the game tied, Newquay seemed to loose there way and fell silent in Defence and tried to force goal chances that weren’t there, giving Reading the chance to take the lead for the first time.

A quick and passionate time out from injured player Lee S got the team firing again and Newquay managed to find there groove and pulled the game level once more.

But with just a few minutes to go a serious freak head injury to captain Tristan MF meant he was no longer in the game and the Newquay players minds were thinking about there fallen them-mate, allowing Reading to take a 3 goal win.

Tristan MF spent the evening in a local Hospital for tests but is now home and recovering well. Likewise, Reading had a player end up in Hospital due to a knee injury and we hear he is doing fine.

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