Welcome to Newquay Handball Club

Inspired by the success of Handball at the London Olympics, Newquay Handball Club formed in October 2012 as the first ever Handball team in Cornwall. Fortunately this coincided with Handball genius Jurgen Koenen moving to the county, he has coached a bunch of enthusiastic beginners who didn't even have a decent grasp of the rules, into Handball matchplayers.

New players are always welcome, no experience is necessary as Jurgen has coached from beginner to professional level handball. We are open to men and women age 16 plus.

Training sessions are based around fitness, energy, fun, and of course Handball tutoring. Come and give the game a try!

Stay tuned on Twitter, join the Facebook Group or just turn up to a session!


Tournaments for Everyone

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Newquay Handball Club is making an effort to return Handball to the sports hall.
After the successful summer cooperation with Plymouth Handball Club, which led to a combined Team participating in the British Beachhandball Championship, this cooperation will continue during the winter months. Tournaments for everyone will be established on both sides of the Tamar. These Tournaments will allow you to play the game with no experience needed. It should be fun, but a bit of competitiveness is very welcome.

The first Tournament will take place at Plymstock School on the 23rd of September. Registration is still open.

Handball Tournament for Everyone 23/09/23

To establish the first Tournament in Cornwall, we need your help.
If you are interested, please express this using the form below. But please use the form only if you are really interested so that we can get a hall booked as soon as we have an idea how many are up for this in Cornwall.

NHC Sessions during the pandemic

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As these uncertain times still continue, NHC sessions will take place at Porth Beach, Newquay – Wednesdays, 6:30pm.
We keep this fun, to make it easy for new people to join and keep everyone safe.
Should you be interested to try this fast-paced and fun sport, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any changes
and get in touch. Hope to see you.

NHC Fundraiser

While Covid-19 has stopped our process to successfully re-establish Handball in Cornwall, we have decided to use the time, to support those in need.

While there are many good causes to support people in Cornwall these days, we decided to support St Petroc in its effort to look after the homeless.

Please support us with whatever you can. Thank you!




2019 Handball has returned to Newquay

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WEDNESDAY, the NEW Handball day.

Come in and find out 🙂
6pm, Sports Centre, Newquay

Handball Sessions, age 15+ (depending on physical abilities). The sessions are a mixture of fun and physically demanding drills to learn the fast paced sport of Handball. The goal is to form a Team to compete in recreational tournaments. – Don’t worry if you’ve got no experience. Come along and give it a go. It’s just ÂŁ4 for adults (21+) and ÂŁ3 (<=21). If you can’t make it for 6pm, it still works if you can make it for 6:30pm, as the first 30min will be used to improve individual skills for those who can make it in time.

Beachhandball 2019

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Join us for a Fun Event at Porth Beach. Beach Handball is a very enjoyable sport, fast paced and great fun. You can either join as a Team (min 5 players) or as an individual. Individuals will be mixed as Teams. No experience is needed, but keeping in mind it is a competition, you should feel able to throw a ball. Age 16+. The tournament is free, but Donations are welcome to support us in replacing equipment. Please let us know that you want to participate so that we can estimate numbers. Hope to see you there and keep an eye on our Facebook Page for possible changes.

NHC is running sessions in Truro from September 2017

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NHC is running sessions for Senior and Junior Teams in Penair School in Truro, starting 14th of September.
Focus will be the Junior Teams in order to built a base for a competitive future adult team and current junior teams, like a U16 or U14 Team for Cornwall. If you’ll be in the upcoming school year 10 or 11 and you are interested in handball, don’t miss the opportunity to become part of a cornish U16 Team, playing in a national tournament.
Find out more about NHC opportunities on the TEAMS page.

Poole 28 – 24 Newquay

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Newquay Handball Club travelled to Poole for their last away game of the season, knowing that a season without an away wins was on the cards. However on a positive note, with Newquay down on numbers, due to continuing injury issues, last minute call-ups Alex, Dom and Rob got a chance to show the league what they could bring.

Thing started well for Newquay, quickly finding space and taking an immediate lead. Unfortunately, this proved to be a short moment of joy as Poole quickly found space and goals, especially with quick passes across the face of goal, stretching out the defence. At the other end Newquay’s attack struggled to make an impact with their usual close physical approach struggling to award goals, instead mostly fouls. With this, Poole quickly jumped into a 9-2 lead after 15 minutes.

Finally, A Newquay time out gave a minute for emotions to be reset and a clear vision of what was needed to make this game a contest to be discussed, and Newquay didn’t disappoint. From that point, goal-by-goal Newquay managed to close the gap down, at one point in getting as close as 2 goals before the half-time siren called.

Into the second have the teams played goal-for-goal with Newquay never quite being able to pull neither level nor Poole break away with a large lead. At one point Poole managed to open another small gap of 6 but again Newquay came back and brought it to within 2, only for Poole to take a clever Time-Out and break Newquay’s rhythm.

Again Poole opened a gap and again Newquay fought hard to gain quick balls and get goals with two quick turn-overs leading to goals in the last minute, ensuring this finished a close fought contest.

All in all a very challenging game that required a new approach from Newquay in order to get as close as they did. Newquay’s inability to react to early match situations continues to be of concern, and while new comers Alex and Dom provided an exciting and new approach to attack, back-up attack plans by the regulars within the team is the big point development to a take away as Newquay look forward to 3 home matches before the season end.

Southampton 36 v 15 Newquay

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With the ever growing list of injuries, everyone knew it was going to be a big ask going and get a result against a strong Southampton Team.

A fast opening goal from Jurgan K made by some excellent movement by Mo S gave Newquay the perfect start, and when Goalkeeper Geoff M made an incredible low lunging save, optimism quickly grew.

But unfortunately this was short lived as first the Southampton’s Left Wing and then Centre Circle player found space, to run in to a 5-1 lead. Following a Time-Out and a few changes, Newquay continued to fight. But with Southampton’s defence limiting Newquay’s use of set-plays and their own ability to create space in Attack, they proved just too strong for Newquay as the half went on.

Into the second half, Tristan MF took control of the Newquay defence and along with some strong contact work from Jeldrik, Southampton were limited to long-range efforts but still managed to find the goal to prevent a fight-back from happening.
In attack Newquay starting finding and exploiting space in the Southampton Defence, with Lee S able to record his first Goals of the season through excellent movement work from Ben P and Jurgan K. When possible Newquay pushed to provide fast break opportunities for Heike M and despite strong physical presence from Southampton, he managed to convert many.

While Southampton proved again to be too strong, as always, it provided another opportunity to identify where work is needed and how the club can continue to move forward as we move into the later stages of the season.

Bristol 25 – 23 Newquay

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After the amazing 20-20 draw last season, hopes we’re high for another thrilling and comparative match as Newquay travelled to play Bristol, and that’s exactly what they got.

From the go it was clear this was going to be another classic with both sides taking early chances, but with goalkeeper Geoff M making some early great saves, Newquay found themselves four up thanks to goals from Ben P, Mo and Hauke amongst others.

Newquay wasn’t to have it all there own way and as the half went on, Bristol soon struck back with there backs players having success from 9 as Newquay struggled to find a solution. Newquay went into half-time ahead with the game delicately poised.

Into the second half, Newquay’s unfortunate tradition of starting slowly crept back in with only plays called by Jurgan giving Newquay any luck at goal. Bristol took the chance to seize the match and managed to turn over the score and take a four goal lead.

Bristols left back was proving to be the biggest issue and so it fell to Adolf, Ben, Paul and Jeldrik to step up, and they did. Strong leadership from Adolf meant the goal flow stopped and allowed Mo and Hauke plenty of fast-break opportunities which they duly took.

The remainder of the match was played out goal-for-goal, with neither team managing to open up any daylight in the score.

In the end Bristol were the close victors, but it was those lucky enough to be there to watch, who truly won.