Newquay Handball Club enter the South & West Development League

Exactly one year and two days after our first training session, with a mix of excitement, trepidation and pride we take the giant leap into competitive Handball leagues. The first game of the South & West Development League season throws off at 1pm on the 19th of October against reigning division champions Bath University, on Bath turf. Talk about thrown in at the deep end.

Newquay Handball Club team photo 17.10.12

Picture taken 17th October 2012, Cornwall’s first ever handball training session 


Just keep playing

Achieving league status in such a short time is a triumph of perseverance and dedication to a cause. We’ve started something new, and crucially we are seeing it through. Reaching this stage is a major testament to the hard work of the core group of individuals that have made this happen. Setting up any type of club is a big undertaking, but to set up a new club in a sport that didn’t exist in the region is a challenge on a whole other level. There was no equipment, no courts, no money, no knowledge of the rules, just the desire to play. At the time the nearest team was a three hour drive away, in Bristol.

A coaching masterclass

We’ve been lucky that the desire to play coincided with Handball God Jürgen moving to Cornwall. His vast coaching experience has taken us to this level. But one person cannot make a club, it takes several people pulling in the same direction to create a movement. Under Jürgen’s guidance this is what has happened.

The tough times

It certainly hasn’t been plain sailing. Two of the core members left the county for work reasons; when you have a small group of people, loosing two key guys is a big deal. We’ve had no official funding, some sponsorship at the beginning from Worlds Apart bought us some balls, but for several weeks we played with mats propped up on the wall as makeshift goals. Two inflatable goals were then donated which kept deflating every 15minutes. However, for the love of the sport we have fought through the hard times, begging, borrowing, and making our own equipment along the way.

Creating opportunity

We are by no means perfect today, there is still much to do, but we’ve certainly come a hell of a long way. Newquay has new club. Cornwall has new sport. The region has a new opportunity.

Sandball sunset Newquay Handball Club

Newquay Handball Club’s summer beach sessions


New players needed!

The club is growing but we always welcome new players. It’s a truly fantastic game, I encourage anyone with any sporting instinct to give it a go. We are proof that you need no experience to start throwing a ball! Join in!

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