Newquay 14 – Oxford 41

NHC knew it was going to be the toughest game they would be experiencing to date, up against the current league leaders and they we’re not wrong! Oxford arrived with a team full of experienced players and didnt hold back one bit. The game started with a quick procession of goals, taking the away team to 7-1 up. NHC team took advantage of a well needed time out break whereby some encouragement from the team coach, Jurgen Koenen helped to regain some balance in the scoresheet as they came back to within a 2 goals difference

NHC continued to put up a strong defence against top class players, with great resistance and reactive work by Tristan Muller-Forster, Paul Beasley and Adolf Botar. Some injuries from the previous match against Bristol were taking their toll on key players such as David Santos and Jurgen so the run of goals for the home team lapsed towards the end of the first half, leaving the score at 17-9 as the klaxon went.

A slightly deflated NHC team knew they we’re in for the long haul in the second half, against opponents who we’re playing on top form. Unfortunately some careless passing and gaps in defence allowed the away team to continue their onslaught of goals as the gap in the score increased. NHC did not give up fighting though, and continued to disrupt Oxford’s game play as much as possible and returned with some well deserved goals, with thanks to Kevin Welsh, David Santos and Adolf Botar.

The game ended at 14-41 with full credit going to the Oxford team. Although NHC team we’re disappointed with the end result, they kept their heads held high and acknowledged the fact they we’re out played on the day. Inspiration was taken away on how good a team can become, and is something NHC will inspire to be in a few years time. Undoubtedly, this was and will be their hardest game of the season, so NHC will be spending the next few months working on areas which need improving to they are ready to push for a win during their next game against Cardiff, which they are hosting in Bodmin on 18th January.

It was nice to end the match with some positive feedback from Oxford’s team coach, who said ” It was a good match. You guys achieved a lot in one year. Keep training and you will go somewhere.

Report by Eddie Percy-Hughes

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