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Poole 28 – 24 Newquay

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Newquay Handball Club travelled to Poole for their last away game of the season, knowing that a season without an away wins was on the cards. However on a positive note, with Newquay down on numbers, due to continuing injury issues, last minute call-ups Alex, Dom and Rob got a chance to show the league what they could bring.

Thing started well for Newquay, quickly finding space and taking an immediate lead. Unfortunately, this proved to be a short moment of joy as Poole quickly found space and goals, especially with quick passes across the face of goal, stretching out the defence. At the other end Newquay’s attack struggled to make an impact with their usual close physical approach struggling to award goals, instead mostly fouls. With this, Poole quickly jumped into a 9-2 lead after 15 minutes.

Finally, A Newquay time out gave a minute for emotions to be reset and a clear vision of what was needed to make this game a contest to be discussed, and Newquay didn’t disappoint. From that point, goal-by-goal Newquay managed to close the gap down, at one point in getting as close as 2 goals before the half-time siren called.

Into the second have the teams played goal-for-goal with Newquay never quite being able to pull neither level nor Poole break away with a large lead. At one point Poole managed to open another small gap of 6 but again Newquay came back and brought it to within 2, only for Poole to take a clever Time-Out and break Newquay’s rhythm.

Again Poole opened a gap and again Newquay fought hard to gain quick balls and get goals with two quick turn-overs leading to goals in the last minute, ensuring this finished a close fought contest.

All in all a very challenging game that required a new approach from Newquay in order to get as close as they did. Newquay’s inability to react to early match situations continues to be of concern, and while new comers Alex and Dom provided an exciting and new approach to attack, back-up attack plans by the regulars within the team is the big point development to a take away as Newquay look forward to 3 home matches before the season end.

Radio Cornwall Interview 11th October 2013

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NHC were featured on Radio Cornwall last week on the James Curchfield show. Interviewees include Jürgen Koenen, Geoff Muskett, Kevin Welsh and Lee Springett.

Check it out…

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Radio 2 Sandball interview with video, Kevin Welsh stylee

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A visual representation of what goes on in the mind of Kev…

Recording of Sandball interview on Radio 2’s Friday Fixture

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If anyone missed it here’s me fumbling my way through an interview on the Simon Mayo show.


      Listen to the clip here


Or for the next 7 days the show is up on the BBC site. The highlight is 1hr 43mins and 17seconds in.

Get to training early next week as I’ll be signing autographs for the first 10 people. Also, I’m available for after Dinner speaking events, conferences, voice overs, and freelance Disc Jockeying.

Radio 2 interview Friday 6.45 about Sandball!

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Everyone tune in to radio 2 this evening to listen to yours truly talking about Sandball! No pressure, there’s only several millions of people listing… gulp.

Hear me merge 3 minutes worth of taking into one incomprehensible word!

Handball featured on This is Cornwall website!

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Great article written by Jürgen, let hope lots of people see it and give Handball a try! Check it out here