Bristol 25 – 23 Newquay

After the amazing 20-20 draw last season, hopes we’re high for another thrilling and comparative match as Newquay travelled to play Bristol, and that’s exactly what they got.

From the go it was clear this was going to be another classic with both sides taking early chances, but with goalkeeper Geoff M making some early great saves, Newquay found themselves four up thanks to goals from Ben P, Mo and Hauke amongst others.

Newquay wasn’t to have it all there own way and as the half went on, Bristol soon struck back with there backs players having success from 9 as Newquay struggled to find a solution. Newquay went into half-time ahead with the game delicately poised.

Into the second half, Newquay’s unfortunate tradition of starting slowly crept back in with only plays called by Jurgan giving Newquay any luck at goal. Bristol took the chance to seize the match and managed to turn over the score and take a four goal lead.

Bristols left back was proving to be the biggest issue and so it fell to Adolf, Ben, Paul and Jeldrik to step up, and they did. Strong leadership from Adolf meant the goal flow stopped and allowed Mo and Hauke plenty of fast-break opportunities which they duly took.

The remainder of the match was played out goal-for-goal, with neither team managing to open up any daylight in the score.

In the end Bristol were the close victors, but it was those lucky enough to be there to watch, who truly won.

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