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Tournaments for Everyone

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Newquay Handball Club is making an effort to return Handball to the sports hall.
After the successful summer cooperation with Plymouth Handball Club, which led to a combined Team participating in the British Beachhandball Championship, this cooperation will continue during the winter months. Tournaments for everyone will be established on both sides of the Tamar. These Tournaments will allow you to play the game with no experience needed. It should be fun, but a bit of competitiveness is very welcome.

The first Tournament will take place at Plymstock School on the 23rd of September. Registration is still open.

Handball Tournament for Everyone 23/09/23

To establish the first Tournament in Cornwall, we need your help.
If you are interested, please express this using the form below. But please use the form only if you are really interested so that we can get a hall booked as soon as we have an idea how many are up for this in Cornwall.

NHC Sessions during the pandemic

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As these uncertain times still continue, NHC sessions will take place at Porth Beach, Newquay – Wednesdays, 6:30pm.
We keep this fun, to make it easy for new people to join and keep everyone safe.
Should you be interested to try this fast-paced and fun sport, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any changes
and get in touch. Hope to see you.

NHC Fundraiser

While Covid-19 has stopped our process to successfully re-establish Handball in Cornwall, we have decided to use the time, to support those in need.

While there are many good causes to support people in Cornwall these days, we decided to support St Petroc in its effort to look after the homeless.

Please support us with whatever you can. Thank you!



2019 Handball has returned to Newquay

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WEDNESDAY, the NEW Handball day.

Come in and find out 🙂
6pm, Sports Centre, Newquay

Handball Sessions, age 15+ (depending on physical abilities). The sessions are a mixture of fun and physically demanding drills to learn the fast paced sport of Handball. The goal is to form a Team to compete in recreational tournaments. – Don’t worry if you’ve got no experience. Come along and give it a go. It’s just £4 for adults (21+) and £3 (<=21). If you can’t make it for 6pm, it still works if you can make it for 6:30pm, as the first 30min will be used to improve individual skills for those who can make it in time.

Beachhandball 2019

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Join us for a Fun Event at Porth Beach. Beach Handball is a very enjoyable sport, fast paced and great fun. You can either join as a Team (min 5 players) or as an individual. Individuals will be mixed as Teams. No experience is needed, but keeping in mind it is a competition, you should feel able to throw a ball. Age 16+. The tournament is free, but Donations are welcome to support us in replacing equipment. Please let us know that you want to participate so that we can estimate numbers. Hope to see you there and keep an eye on our Facebook Page for possible changes.

Newquay Handball Club asked for an exhibition game vs. British cup winner but in the end found new friends

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11am Saturday morning, the Head coaches of Newquay Handball Club and Salford Handball Club left Ross Ellis at Truro Studio of BBC Cornwall. Each accompanied by one player of their Teams. Chris McDermott, member of Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics, for Team Salford and Geoff Muskett, President and Goalkeeper of Newquay Handball Club. A normal working day for Ross Ellis. But nothing was normal at this weekend.

BBC Cornwall

Creativity, determination, courage and hard work formed a Handball Team out of a couple of people, who were inspired watching handball at the London 2012 Olympics. Nobody knew where the travel would lead them to, but there was definitely no plan playing against Olympians just 18 month later. The inspiration probably comes from Jürgen Koenen, German Head coach of the Team, but when understanding what this game really is about it was like a virus that infected the English players. Eddie Percy-Hughes, wing player of Newquay Handball Club expressed it like this: “First I stayed, because I didn’t want to disappoint Geoff. Then suddenly Jürgen came with the idea to play in the league and I was totally scared. But I stayed because I didn’t want to disappoint Jürgen. And now I just love it and nothing can make me leave again!” The first season was a great success, expressed in 2 wins, 1 draw and the awareness to be quite close to the other Teams.
In order to promote Handball in Cornwall and to support the ongoing progress, the idea was born, to invite Salford HC, one of the best Teams in the Country. Like Newquay Handball Club, the Salford squad are mainly British players. Such obvious similarities and a former friendly contact between Bill Baillie, Head coach of Salford HC and the national Team with Newquays German coach were the base for Salford to except Newquays invitation.


So on Saturday the 14th the Tennis Hall of the Dragon leisure centre in Bodmin was transformed in a Handball arena. This was only possible with the great support of the staff of the leisure centre and friends and families of the Newquay squad.

The game itself ended like to be expected in a 38 – 10 win for Salford. The speed and ball handling were just on another level. But Newquay showed that they were at the beginning of a process, that might lead them to a similar level one day. Especially the performances of the youngsters Ben Haddrell (18years) and Hauke Moll (16years) were noticed by Bill Baillie and Scott Harrington (National U20 Coach). Everybody in the Team made individual progress. The speed of Team Salford will be inspiration for the next season.

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The relationship between the Teams was substantiated in a “rematch” at Newquays Porth Beach. A lot of fun with “Beach Handball” and the winner at least was Handball in Cornwall. The loss of England’s Football Team became a minor matter on that day.


Bill Baillie stated several times that it is a major concern for him to support clubs like Newquay Handball Club, even if this means a 7 hour ride by car.
So in advance he had offered a workshop for Sunday. This was mainly accepted by Newquay players. Although tired from the day before, the 90min session with the national coach, supported by the U20 coach and many players of Team Salford was another step forward. Surprisingly they found out, that they already work in a similar way, but especially the intensity was completely different.

P1090302 P1080777 P1090321

Both Teams enjoyed this weekend so much that they planned to make a regular thing out of this. So no worries if you missed the opportunity to watch the fantastic sport live. There will be another chance next year.

Twitter2 Twitter1

Especially interested young players shouldn’t wait and get in touch with Jürgen Koenen ( There is no need to have played before.
Just give it a try and use the next year to introduce yourself in one year time to the national top coaches.

The club is constantly growing, so if you are interested to get involved in any other way than just playing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Beach Handball training session Thurs 22nd August 7pm Porth Beach

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Time to run, throw and have fun again!

No session on 15th of August

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As the weather forecast isn’t very good for tomorrow, we decided that it doesn’t make sense to run a session on the beach tomorrow. And as there are still some guys on holiday, booking a hall might become too expensive. So there will be no session tomorrow.
But we are definitely back on next thursday, either on the beach or in the hall, depending on the weather.

No Handball Session on Thursday 8/8/2013

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As you’ll find Newquay Handball Club at “Be Active Truro” tomorrow from 11am to 3pm, there will be no session in the evening at Porth Beach as usual.

The next session will be at 15/08/2013 19pm if the weather is fine.