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NHC is running sessions in Truro from September 2017

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NHC is running sessions for Senior and Junior Teams in Penair School in Truro, starting 14th of September.
Focus will be the Junior Teams in order to built a base for a competitive future adult team and current junior teams, like a U16 or U14 Team for Cornwall. If you’ll be in the upcoming school year 10 or 11 and you are interested in handball, don’t miss the opportunity to become part of a cornish U16 Team, playing in a national tournament.
Find out more about NHC opportunities on the TEAMS page.

Season throw-off vs Plymouth 22nd November in Bodmin

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Newquay are looking forward to facing Plymouth in the newly formed South West Handball league, consisting of Plymouth, Newquay, Biddeford A and Biddeford B.

The first game is due for throw off at 2.30 Sunday 22nd at Bodmin Dragon Centre. Spectators very welcome.

More fixtures and league info can be found at

Poole 28 – 24 Newquay

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Newquay Handball Club travelled to Poole for their last away game of the season, knowing that a season without an away wins was on the cards. However on a positive note, with Newquay down on numbers, due to continuing injury issues, last minute call-ups Alex, Dom and Rob got a chance to show the league what they could bring.

Thing started well for Newquay, quickly finding space and taking an immediate lead. Unfortunately, this proved to be a short moment of joy as Poole quickly found space and goals, especially with quick passes across the face of goal, stretching out the defence. At the other end Newquay’s attack struggled to make an impact with their usual close physical approach struggling to award goals, instead mostly fouls. With this, Poole quickly jumped into a 9-2 lead after 15 minutes.

Finally, A Newquay time out gave a minute for emotions to be reset and a clear vision of what was needed to make this game a contest to be discussed, and Newquay didn’t disappoint. From that point, goal-by-goal Newquay managed to close the gap down, at one point in getting as close as 2 goals before the half-time siren called.

Into the second have the teams played goal-for-goal with Newquay never quite being able to pull neither level nor Poole break away with a large lead. At one point Poole managed to open another small gap of 6 but again Newquay came back and brought it to within 2, only for Poole to take a clever Time-Out and break Newquay’s rhythm.

Again Poole opened a gap and again Newquay fought hard to gain quick balls and get goals with two quick turn-overs leading to goals in the last minute, ensuring this finished a close fought contest.

All in all a very challenging game that required a new approach from Newquay in order to get as close as they did. Newquay’s inability to react to early match situations continues to be of concern, and while new comers Alex and Dom provided an exciting and new approach to attack, back-up attack plans by the regulars within the team is the big point development to a take away as Newquay look forward to 3 home matches before the season end.

Southampton 36 v 15 Newquay

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With the ever growing list of injuries, everyone knew it was going to be a big ask going and get a result against a strong Southampton Team.

A fast opening goal from Jurgan K made by some excellent movement by Mo S gave Newquay the perfect start, and when Goalkeeper Geoff M made an incredible low lunging save, optimism quickly grew.

But unfortunately this was short lived as first the Southampton’s Left Wing and then Centre Circle player found space, to run in to a 5-1 lead. Following a Time-Out and a few changes, Newquay continued to fight. But with Southampton’s defence limiting Newquay’s use of set-plays and their own ability to create space in Attack, they proved just too strong for Newquay as the half went on.

Into the second half, Tristan MF took control of the Newquay defence and along with some strong contact work from Jeldrik, Southampton were limited to long-range efforts but still managed to find the goal to prevent a fight-back from happening.
In attack Newquay starting finding and exploiting space in the Southampton Defence, with Lee S able to record his first Goals of the season through excellent movement work from Ben P and Jurgan K. When possible Newquay pushed to provide fast break opportunities for Heike M and despite strong physical presence from Southampton, he managed to convert many.

While Southampton proved again to be too strong, as always, it provided another opportunity to identify where work is needed and how the club can continue to move forward as we move into the later stages of the season.

Bristol 25 – 23 Newquay

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After the amazing 20-20 draw last season, hopes we’re high for another thrilling and comparative match as Newquay travelled to play Bristol, and that’s exactly what they got.

From the go it was clear this was going to be another classic with both sides taking early chances, but with goalkeeper Geoff M making some early great saves, Newquay found themselves four up thanks to goals from Ben P, Mo and Hauke amongst others.

Newquay wasn’t to have it all there own way and as the half went on, Bristol soon struck back with there backs players having success from 9 as Newquay struggled to find a solution. Newquay went into half-time ahead with the game delicately poised.

Into the second half, Newquay’s unfortunate tradition of starting slowly crept back in with only plays called by Jurgan giving Newquay any luck at goal. Bristol took the chance to seize the match and managed to turn over the score and take a four goal lead.

Bristols left back was proving to be the biggest issue and so it fell to Adolf, Ben, Paul and Jeldrik to step up, and they did. Strong leadership from Adolf meant the goal flow stopped and allowed Mo and Hauke plenty of fast-break opportunities which they duly took.

The remainder of the match was played out goal-for-goal, with neither team managing to open up any daylight in the score.

In the end Bristol were the close victors, but it was those lucky enough to be there to watch, who truly won.

Newquay 14 – 31 Southampton

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After a weekend to forget for more than one reason last season, Newquay tentatively invited Southampton back to Cornwall for this terms home fixture.

With a number of Key players unavailable including wingers Lee S, Eddie PH and inspirational captain Tristan TM, it was always going to be a challenging match.

Newquay started slowly (though not a bad as the 9-1 lead given last season) allowing Southampton to open up an early lead with only single effort goals from Jurgan K, Adolf B and Ben P ticking the score board over for the home team.

While Newquay struggled to get the ball moving in attack, they did have more success in defence with Paul B, new player Jeldrik and Kev W putting in strong central performances to limited the southampton chances meaning Newquay went into Half time within touching distance of Southampton.

Into the second half, Newquays limited numbers compared to Southampton rolling subs proved to be the main difference and as Southampton started raking up the goals, Newquays heads dropped with no apparent solution.

Eventually within the 15 minutes of the match Newquay remembered that they play handball to have a good time and mad a strong effort to finish the match much stronger then they had started either half, which they managed to do with a few fast goals from amongst others, Hauke and Kev W and an increased focus in defence.

Result wise, a match for Newquay to forgot but the feeling of all those involved only serves to drive the determination in the club to keep striving and improving to ensure they don’t feel the same again after a match.

Reading 24 – 21 Newquay

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With Reading new to the league this season, no-one from Newquay really knew what they would be coming up against as they travelled the Reading. As it turned out, it was a game some will remember more than others with the passion for Handball along with team spirit shown by the Newquay Club players, standing well above the final score.

Newquay quickly found there flow allowing for plays to pay of with Tristan MF proving to be especially effective in his shooting (5 goals, a match best), while Jurgan K and Adolf B also kept the score board moving in the right direction.

Reading proved to be effective in defending close to goal leaving Paul B and Kevin W with little opportunity to score themselves, but both proved ever effective in creating space for others. Equally Reader were fast making is hard for winger Hauke M and Ben P to get many fast break chances, but both took them when they could.

Newquay’s defence proved solid and strong, led by Tristan MF with Reading being limited in the chances, and Paul B working well out of position on left-wing sfGoalkeeper Geoff M every ready when called upon.

This all meant that Newquay were never behind until the last quarter (at this point three goals up) when a couple of poor decisions in attack and a break-down of a fast-break allowed Reading to pull level with three easy goals.

With the game tied, Newquay seemed to loose there way and fell silent in Defence and tried to force goal chances that weren’t there, giving Reading the chance to take the lead for the first time.

A quick and passionate time out from injured player Lee S got the team firing again and Newquay managed to find there groove and pulled the game level once more.

But with just a few minutes to go a serious freak head injury to captain Tristan MF meant he was no longer in the game and the Newquay players minds were thinking about there fallen them-mate, allowing Reading to take a 3 goal win.

Tristan MF spent the evening in a local Hospital for tests but is now home and recovering well. Likewise, Reading had a player end up in Hospital due to a knee injury and we hear he is doing fine.

Newquay 17 – 30 Poole Pheonix

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New to the league this season and having only played a small number of fixture, Newquay didn’t know what to expect from new-boys Poole Phenix when they payed a visit to the Dragon Centre. As it was, a strong european university based team similar to many others Newquay have faced, proved too strong.

With Poole happy to read the Newquay plays and quickly break them down, in most cases, it fell to individuals, Kevin W (3), Jurgan K (5), Adolf B (4), Eddie PH, Hauke M (1) and Ben P (3) to keep the Newquay scoreline moving.

Newquay worked hard throughout in defence but with multiple Poole back players, including England International John P, happy to run and shoot from 9m, it was hard to stop Pool from keeping there noses in front.

With a half time score of 5 -12 and a final score of 17-30, Newquay did manage to show improvements in the second half in Attack, a rare occasion for the team, and its this Newquay should focus on upon when reflecting on another challenging fixture.

Bath 32 – 22 Newquay

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Newquay began their second campaign with a repeat of last seasons visit to Bath. There was a feeling of unfinished business after going so close in the previous encounter. After an intense pre season training, hopes were high.

A strong Newquay squad traveled to Bath. Boosted by the presence of the returning Ben Preston, new player Alpar, and youth team graduate Hauke Moll.

This positivity was short lived, as Bath came out of the traps fast. Taking advantage of indifferent goalkeeping, and off target finishing.

Fired by their offensive catalyst, an Egyptian national player, Bath sprinted to a 6-1 lead. Only Ben Preston was on target for Newquay in the early stages.

Botar on fire

Newquay finally kicked into gear, inspired by Adolf Botar who’s A-game caused problems in the Bath defence. Training moves began to create space for circle runners Kev Welsh and Paul Beasley.

A summer of Sandball was paying dividends as Newquay converted impressive fast breaks. Eddie Percy-Hughes, Kev Welsh and Hauke Moll were slicing though a backtracking Bath defence.

With Tristan Mullar-Foster bossing as always, and Geoff Muskett stepping up in goal, Newquay’s back line was now solid. With the deficit down to 4 and half time imminant, Hauke Moll received a second two minute suspension. Leaving Newquay to hang on until the break.

After what could have been a disaster score line, 17-13 meant there was a chance. Four goals in Handball is not much and can be turned round in minutes.

Second half fight

In the second period Jürgen Koenen was firing on all cylinders, and Alpar’s left arm sent balls catapulting from 9metres.  Goals were now coming from all over the field, with Lee Springett, Paul Beasley, and Eddie Percy-Hughes getting in on the act.

The moment the game changed

Pressure from Percy-Hughes and Beasley put Bath’s defence into turmoil. In a moment of panic, their goalkeeper received a two minute suspension for holding on to the ball before a Newquay free throw.

Now was their chance. With Bath down to 6 and with a stand-in goalie, Newquay had their tails up and looked to press.

Failure to capitalise

However, in their haste and enthusiasm, Newquay lost their shape. They stopped playing the fast passing that had got them back in the game. Consequently Newquay failed to capitalise, loosing their two minute numerical advantage 2-1.

This failure set the tone for the rest of the half. Bath’s star player was able to up his energy level and fired the team to an unassailable lead.

After a close fought game, Bath had finally broken through, ending with a 10 goal margin. With their Egyptian talisman scoring nearly half the goals.

Taking the positives

Positives can be taken from the game. A year ago, had Newquay come up against such a strong team the defeat would have been far worse. The fact that the game could have gone either way is a strong indicator that the team is on the right path.

The important thing to focus on now is how to exploit key moments and opportunities in games. Like when the Bath goalkeeper went off, taking advantage of this situation could have swung the match. Newquay need to keep their heads and play to their strengths. This will come with more game time and experience.

Next up, Poole at home on the 23rd November.

Sandball 2014 on Watergate Review

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2014’s Sandball event on Watergate was the best yet as Newquay Seniors, and Newquay Youth, welcomed two teams from Plymouth.

A busy Watergate Bay looked on as all games we’re fast paced, competitive, and full of Sandball extravagance. Newquay Youth proved a surprise package as they overhauled Plymouth B, and ran Plymouth A very close – loosing out on a penalty shootout. For a short while they even worried the Seniors.

Beach Handball shot on Watergate Bay

On the whole, Newquay Seniors bossed the event, taking victory in each game they played. It’d be rude not to win your own tournament!

Looking ahead

After another successful year, 2015’s event is already in the planning stages. On the 2nd of August 2015, Watergate Bay will once again play host to the only Beach Handball event in Cornwall. Sandball continues to grow in popularity, and Newquay Handball Club are a team competing with the best Handball clubs in England, so Sandball 2015 is due to be biggest and best event to date. With clubs expected from all over the region and potentially further afield.

Sandball is not only a great sport to play, it’s one of the most exciting spectator sports around. Never failing to entertain, with double points awarded for goals from goalkeepers, and players showboating with 360 barrel shots. There’s no such thing as a draw in this end to end game, it’s all or nothing.

There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than playing or watching Sandball, with Watergate Bay as the summer backdrop.

Sandball (beach handball) on watergate action

Sandball players team photo at Watergate